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Annuities - Find information for UK annuities
Are you looking for information, rates or quotes for annuities? Take a look at these pages for more answers or take advantage of the free quotes to find the highest annuity income.
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Best Annuity Rates
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Free Annuity Quote
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Your choice of categories are:
Annuities Explained
  Annuities Explained
  Latest annuity rates, inflation, adding features, future trends
Annuity Quotes
  Annuity Quotes
  Find the highest income with a top provider guaranteed quote
Open Market Option
  Open Market Option
  Escalation, guaranteed period and add a spouse to annuities
Smoker Annuity
  Smoker Annuity
  Latest smoker rates, smoker enhancement and mortality
Impaired Health Annuities
  Impaired Health Annuities
  For impaired rates, general practitioners report and more
With Profits Annuity
  With Profit Annuities
  How they work, anticipated bonus rates, risk and reward
Diabetes Annuity
  Diabetes Annuity
  Find diabetes rates, medical conditions and enhancements
Purchased Life Annuity
  Purchased Life Annuity
  Use a lump sum to buy annuities, capital and interest
Immediate Needs Annuity
  Immediate Needs Annuity
  Find out how to cap the cost for a relative in care, annuity rates
Annuity FAQs
  Annuity FAQs
  Questions for your annuities, open market option, life annuities
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Annuity Rates
  55 £6,361  
  60 £6,842  
  65 £7,474  
  70 £8,405  
  55 £5,898  
  60 £6,244  
  65 £6,843  
  70 £7,660  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
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