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Pension Quotes
Are you looking to change an existing pension, draw an income or buy an annuity? Ask for a free quote with no obligation that covers all the providers. For more general information, have a look at annuities or pensions.
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   Notes to help you
Fund source - The funds could be in a pension or lump sum for an annuity or in company assets if from a SSAS.  
Benefit - The purpose of the pension may be to pay an income for life such as an annuity or for building a fund tax efficiently for retirement.  
Health - There are no health considerations when building or drawing on a pension. When buying an annuity impaired health often increases the income for life.  
   Types of pensions
Annuites - Provides an income guaranteed for life from a pension or a lump sum with higher rates where the annuitant has poor or impaired health.  
Drawdown - Alternative to an annuity this pension is suitable if you are still working or have other sources of income and can accept a higher risk.  
Pension Transfer - If you are not happy with your current provider it may be possible to transfer to a new one.  
Director SSAS - Use a pension associate with a company to build up retirement benefits tax efficiently.   This website is for marketing purposes only and does not provide financial or legal advice, see about our services. Website security is by GeoTrust and Equifax. Copyright©2001-24 All Rights Reserved