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Best Annuity Rates
Find the best annuity rates with these pages to provide the highest income. Standard annuities can be up to 25% higher and 40% higher if you suffer from impaired health. Ask for a FREE quote to find the best annuity for your circumstances.
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Ask for a free annuity quote, up to 25% more income than your existing provider or up to 40% with impaired health - there is no obligation and quotes are free
Free annuity quote
Free annuity quote - Receive quotes from all providers in the market
Extra initial income 25% more standard income - Even if you are in good health
Don't need an annuity 40% more income for poor health - 1,500 medical conditions are covered
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Annuity Rates

Your main rates choices are:

Standard single rates
  Highest open market option conventional annuity, single life
Standard joint rates
  Highest open market option conventional annuity, joint life
Smoker single rates
  Smoked ten or more cigarettes per day for 10 years, single life
Smoker joint rates
  Smoked ten or more cigarettes per day for 10 years, joint life

Other annuity / pension rates: (more details)

Diabetes enhanced rates
  Suffering from diabetes will result in a higher annuity rate
With profit rates
  Higher risk / income, consider if you have other pensions
Immediate needs rates
  Cap the costs of long term care for an elderly relative
Impaired health rates
  A serious illnesses may result in a much higher annuity rate
Purchased life rates
  If you have a lump sum and want an income for life
Income drawdown rates
  Suitable if you are still working or have other income sources

Annuity Rates Outlook

We follow the progress of our benchmark annuity rate for a person aged 65 with a fund for £100,000 buying an annuity on a single life, level basis. The benchmark example uses a central London postal code (other areas in the UK would have incomes up to 5% higher than those shown).

Find out more details:
Monthly analysis of annuities and gilt yields

Below shows the annuity rates and gilt yields over the last six years to date:

Annuity Rates Chart Annuity Rates Chart
Read the latest annuity rates review to find out if this is the best time to buy an annuity.
Annuity Rates Changes Annuity Rates Changes
Find out about the latest changes in annuity rates and if they are rising or falling.
15-Year Gilt Yields 15-Year Gilt Yields
The 15-year gilt yields have a significant effect on annuity rates which we update daily.

Find the Best Annuity Rates at Sharing Pensions

Here at Sharing Pensions our aim is to help you find the best annuity rates available by comparing the market, and this could help you increase your pension income by up to 25%. This is a significant figure to say the least and could make all the difference to your retirement, so compare the quotes out there and find the best annuity rates.

Choice of Annuity Rates

One of the reasons that it is a good idea to browse the whole annuity market is that there is quite a choice of types of rates. Here are some of the options that exist at the moment which may be suitable for you:

• Standard single rates
• Standard joint rates
• Smoker single rates
• Smoker joint rates
• Diabetes annuity rates
• Impaired annuity rates
• With profit annuity rates
• Income drawdown rates

Different factors such as those mentioned above affect different people and different annuity providers will offer different rates depending on such conditions, so you should have a look at the whole market to find the most suitable product and the best annuity rates for it. 

Get the Best Annuity Rates by Comparing the Market

At Sharing Pensions we can help you find the best annuity rates on the market by comparing the whole market, this giving you access to the most suitable annuity that will meet your needs and provide you with the best possible income.

Annuity Rates
  55 £6,157  
  60 £6,591  
  65 £7,295  
  70 £8,213  
  55 £5,902  
  60 £6,307  
  65 £6,868  
  70 £7,669  
£100,000 purchase, level and standard rates
Annuity Rates
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Ask for a free quote with up to 25% more income or 40% for impaired health.
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